Guns On Campus Preparations


By Aimee Burnett

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A bill allowing a select group of people to carry guns on public college campuses throughout the Gem State is set to take effect this summer.

Senate Bill 1254 takes effect on July 1st. It allows those with Idaho’s enhanced concealed carry permit to bring guns on public college and university campuses... with some restrictions.

"The law as it's passed restricts concealed weapons in venues over one-thousand people and certain other places," explains Dr. Jeff Fox, CSI President.

Idaho joins seven other states, including Utah, in the move.

Last month, Dr. Fox visited Salt Lake Community College to see first-hand the impacts.

“What they have done is actually contracted at some significant cost with the Salt Lake City Police to be their armed security force. They do have full-time security directors on all their campuses," Fox says.

Insurance is one of the largest costs the college faced.

“We don't know about insurance costs exactly. We don't know to what degree we'll be engaging armed security on our campus. We don't know the degree to which we'll need to train our own security group," Fox explains.

Right now, CSI is the lowest per credit cost in the state among public community colleges.

“We'd like not to burden the students with this additional cost, and so it's hard to say, but until we know actually what the costs are going to be, to what level we have to build it into our budget... it's yet to be determined," Fox says.

"If you have other people with guns it's kind of a deterrent in itself," CSI student Nik Roundtree says of the gun law.

"I mean I'm a big supporter of having guns, and I do believe that having concealed weapons on campus can reduce and save lives," CSI student Hoang Potthoff adds.

"At first I was against it, but now if you think about it if they're going to do a shooting, they're not going to wait for it to be legal,” CSI student Kylee Clifton says.

Big changes... with unknown consequences.

Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, and Wisconsin all have guns on campus laws, as well.

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