Guns on Campus


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Yesterday, a new gun law went into effect here in Idaho. It allows, under certain conditions, guns on Idaho campuses. CSI unveiled a new policy spelling out exactly when weapons are allowed on campus... and how.

As the popular community college gets ready for the coming fall season, the administration at CSI has prepared for Idaho's new gun control law. A part of that law permits concealed weapons on Idaho's collegiate campuses.

Here in Twin Falls, the College of Southern Idaho is taking an active approach, outlining the do's and don'ts, when it comes to concealed weapons on campus.

"We didn't want to have to allow guns on campus, but since the legislature made it mandatory that we allow them, we came up with a policy that we believe ensures the best possibility for student and staff safety under the circumstances,” says Doug Maughan, Public Relations Director at CSI.

Only those with an enhanced concealed weapons permit are allowed to have guns on campus. Others allowed to carry weapons are those specifically designated by the CSI administration, such as law enforcement and security personnel.

If you would like to learn more about the new CSI concealed weapons policy, log onto our website at

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