H.S. Student Inspires Women to Donate Their Hair


By Aimee Burnett

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) A local high school student is inspiring people of all ages to cut their hair to help those in need.

"I'm going to miss my hair so someone else doesn't have to," said Alycia Sprague, donating her hair.

Sprague is one of five women who have volunteered to cut their long hair for Morgan Guymon's senior project.

"I'm helping someone who doesn't have a chance to grow her hair actually have some hair,” said Sprague.

Guymon's project is based around the non–profit organization Locks of Love.

"They manufacture it into a wig for little boys and girls who are affected with cancer through chemotherapy,” said Morgan Guymon, Twin Falls High School student.

The Locks of Love requirement is you have to have at least ten inches of hair. It can't be bleached, but it can be colored and permed.

"Little girls have been seeing my commercials on T.V. and wanting to donate their hair. And, convincing their mothers to get rid of their hair," said Guymon.

Guymon's desire to do the project comes from her family's own history of cancer.

"Cancer is really close to our family and I feel like I should give back a little bit to those also dealing with cancer,” said Guymon.

With one more month to go, Guymon hopes she's able to inspire others to take the plunge.

"Your hair will always grow back. Just donate it for a good cause. It grows back and it will make you feel good inside. I promise," said Guymon.

"It was scary, but the whole time I was here it was just like exhilarating and I feel awesome," said Sprague.

A testament to the power of love...locks of love.

If you'd like to participate in Guymon's project you can call the Blonde and Beyond Salon and ask for Brittany.

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