Haze Becoming Prevalent in Southern Idaho Schools


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) While it's illegal for minors to buy or possess Haze, they're still finding ways of getting a hold of the drug and just within the last year, police and educators say it's becoming more prevalent in area schools.

Patrol Officer Mynde Heil, Twin Falls Police Department says, "people want to try it because they don't know how it will make them feel. It's a rush. But to me, that's on the naive side, I wouldn't want to put any of that stuff into my body."

Officer Mynde Heil worked in the schools until seven months ago.
And she says it's not just the high school kids using Haze.

"I saw as young as the grade school kids," says Heil.

The presence of Haze among our area youth is on the rise. Twin Falls School District Superintendent Wiley Dobbs has seen an increase, especially over the last few months.

"And not just our county, but seven surrounding counties that make up Juvenile Corrections District Five," says Dobbs.

This is roughly three pounds of Haze taken out of the community with a street value of approximately $9,000.

"When we confiscate it, it has to be sent off to the state lab for testing," adds Heil.

Currently the law isn't restricted the way that law enforcement and educators would like.

Heil says, "if it's somebody that is pulled over under the influence, there's no testing right now to prove they're driving under the influence, so it's a very lengthy process right now."

"One of the things we've shared with local legislators is that Illinois currently has a law that allows law enforcement to close down a business that sells illegal products," says Dobbs.

But right now, chemists are one step above the law. That will continue unless House Bill 502 AA becomes law, adding additional compounds to the list. But lawmakers may even consider legislation next year outlawing synthetic substances all together.

A class testing one's knowledge on the youth and adult drug and alcohol culture is next week.

The class is called Boozing, Doping, Smoking, Clothing and Synthetics.

Educators, law enforcement, school resource officers as well as others are invited to attend.

It will be held at the Red Lion Canyon Springs in Twin Falls on March 9th. Registration begins at eight and the class starts at nine. The cost is $45.

For information, please call (208) 371-1283.

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