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Healthcare Reform Hits The Streets


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Healthcare reform is officially here, whether you're ready or not. Magic Valley Insurance owner David Wilcox points out there's no perfect solution, and now healthcare is way more complex than most of us are used to.

Wilcox says, "I tell people all the time, healthcare reform is not Obamacare, it is not a government insurance plan. It's not a government program, but it's a new set of rules that all our Idaho health insurance companies have to start following."

If you're not getting insurance through your job, you can get help paying your insurance premiums. If you have a family of four, you'll need to make between just under $24,000 and just over $94,000 a year. But if you fall between the cracks, you'll end up paying full price for your more expensive insurance.

Local resident Mark Akins says, "Insurance is something that is such an important part to basic survival in today's world. Not having that access to it is a little bit troublesome, and definitely a concern for me and my family."

The reason insurance is more expensive now is because all coverage has to include maternity benefits and dentistry for children. Rates for men and women are also now identical. Unfortunately, the price goes up for all of us, whether we need those additional benefits or not. Wilcox sees a very bumpy road ahead.

Wilcox says, "We're probably going to expect some dramatic fluctuations over the next two to five years. Whatever plan you have now, whatever new plan you've signed up for now, it probably needs to be reviewed really closely over the next several years before we see a stabilization of the health insurance industry."

January 2, 2014.

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