Heyburn Citizens React to Homicide News


By Rachel Holt

Heyburn, Idaho ( KVMT-TV / KTWT-TV )

With suspects on the loose, residents from Heyburn and the surrounding towns still have many questions.
None more so than a family who had their home invaded during the incident.

The Ferbrache family was having a typical Friday afternoon, but in an instant that changed.

Says Andrew Ferbrache, "I came home early from work and I was unloading groceries to bring into the house and as I came into the back door, I set them on the counter and I noticed that our front door had been shattered out".

Andrew and his wife would soon find out their house was connected to a homicide just a few houses down.

An unidentified man broke into the Ferbrache's home, presumably running for his life.

Says Hannelore Ferbrache, "I was a little upset because I felt invaded, I felt violated because this is my home, this is my house."

Despite the fact that their house was a crime scene on Friday, the homeowners say they still feel fairly safe.

Says Hannelore, "I pretty much feel safe that everything is going to be taken care of because the police was wonderful to us."
Andrew agrees, "it hasn't changed my mind about the neighborhood at all. I think we have a lot of supportive neighbors who have contacted us since then."
But just because they still feel safe in the neighborhood doesn't mean they aren't alarmed by the events and the ongoing investigation.

Says Hannelore, "apparently there are people out there who are suspects so my little bit of security is now gone".

Hannelore and Andrew have lived in the same house for almost three decades.

They've never had any problems, but they say now they may start doing things differently.

Andrew says, "We've been here 28 years and we will probably take some precautions now whether it be a burglar alarm or surveillance camera."

For now, like the rest of Heyburn, the Ferbrache family awaits the capture of a suspect and the answers to their many questions.

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