Highly Populated Race For CSI Board Of Trustees


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) There are nine candidates vying for three positions on the College of Southern Idaho Board of Trustees. There have been times where no one but the existing members ran, but this year we could potentially see three new faces on the five member board.

Dr. Thad Scholes is the only one running for re–election. Dr. Alan Frost and Donna Brizee are not seeking another term.

Doug Maughan, CSI Public Relations adds, "we have three seats that are open and one incumbent that is running."

Two years ago the CSI Board of Trustees had more than 200 years of combined experience just on the CSI board alone. But with two members not running for re–election, this year will ultimately change the dynamic of the group.

"This goes back to the time where we didn't have a lot of people filing for those positions and it was kind of an afterthought having not to disparage the job...So we will have a relatively new board regardless of who is elected next Tuesday."

The board is responsible for hiring the college president, help with strategic policies and procedures and they meet fairly frequently.

"They also have some committee assignments, our board members are very busy people especially for unpaid positions on an all volunteer board."

Usually the board members are retired, but it's not a requirement.

"It's just that retired people are often the ones who have the time to devote to being on the board. And so that's usually been the experience we have had."

A position that puts higher education at the forefront is in the voters' hands.

The CSI Board of Trustees represent the Community College District which includes Twin Falls and Jerome counties. Once elected, the members will be sworn in at the upcoming board meeting scheduled for November 19th.

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