Hostess Begins Negotiations With Employees, Lenders


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) It's tough to lose a job, especially right before the holidays. Now it looks like 18,000 Hostess employees won't be out of work after all.

On Monday of this week, locals were streaming into the Hostess Store at 548 Washington Street in Twin Falls. That was after Hostess announced last week that it was going out of business.

Local resident Gene Benavidez says, "Given the economic times we're living in, it would have been better if the unions negotiated from the get-go, because having a job versus having no job in this day and age could be detrimental."

On that same day, a bankruptcy judge in New York urged Hostess to go into mediation with the leaders of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers International Union and the company's lenders.

Benavidez says, "Especially going into the holiday season to lost your job, what would that do to a family? I think there comes a time when you have to choose your battles."

Pickings were slim at the Twin Falls Wonder Bread and Hostess Store. The shelves were mostly empty, and customers were surprised at how little was left.

Benavidez says it's good that Hostess employees are being able to keep their jobs, and being able to work forward from there is important. He says if you have a job in this day and age, be thankful.

Benavidez says, "It sounds like they actually came to their senses and they're going to negotiate trying to keep those 18,000 jobs that were going to go away immediately, because they couldn't come to an agreement with the company and the union."

Hostess also owns brands including Dolly Madison, Campbell Soup, and Nature's Pride.

Nov. 20, 2012.

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