Hot Topics Of The 2013 Legislative Session


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The 2013 Idaho legislative session is underway and hot topic issue include health insurance exchange and education reform.

Idaho lawmakers are busy nailing down issues residents across the state are concerned about, one hot topic, a rule change for props one, two, and three.

Educators and Idaho legislatures are working together to create a plan.

"We've been going through the rules within the last week, and a lot of those rules we are changing and taking out wording that would fit the three intuitive, so we had to balance that” said Senator Jim Patrick.

Legislatures are also facing tough decisions in the next three months involving the health insurance exchange.

"The thing people don't understand about the change is, it's a open market for insurance and you're able to buy from a larger pool. We should make it cheaper for individuals and small employers and that's the idea."

Senator Patrick said he is concerned with the health insurance exchange and hopes to get the public to understand the issue.

"If we need to change the law lets go forward and do that, I don't want to break the law I want to follow the law and I'm independent and conservative and want the state involved” said Patrick.

Two big discussions lawmakers hope to resolve.

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