Housing Permits On The Rise


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A good indicator that a region is growing is the amount of building permits being issued.

And for the cities of Twin Falls and Jerome, those permits are increasing.

More large employers moving to the area means more workers and more homes are being built.

And for local communities... It's a growing pattern that means the region is on the upswing.

"Some contractors have told our building department that they've even had to turn away jobs. It's a pretty healthy residential market right now."
Said Josh Palmer for the City of Twin Falls.

To date, new single family permits in Twin Falls are up 9.1 percent compared to last year at this time.

In 2013, the city issued 121 permits.

In 2014, so far, there have been 132 new residential permits issued.

"we knew when Chobani and when some of the other large employers were either expanding or laying their foundations here in Twin Falls that we would need residential housing. It was something that we anticipated... I don't believe we expected it to be as strong as it has been."
Said Palmer.

And for the neighboring city of Jerome, it's the same story.

"We are up... slightly up, things have leveled off. It's a good mix between commercial remodels and new residential.
Said Dave Richey, City of Jerome Building Offical.

As for the actual numbers of residential permits that have been issued compared to last year.

"Last year it was 102 permits during the same time frame. Currently this year we're up to 118."
Said Richey.

With both communities experiencing residential growth.

What does it mean for the citizens?

"Not only are we seeing healthy and robust growth in residential construction but we're also seeing those home values rise. That's good for people who may need to sell their homes. It's also good for the tax rolls... as the value go up and the commercial construction grows, that spread out more evenly and so were able to provide more services for lower cost to the community."
Said Palmer.

Healthy residential growth, helping to propel the cities of Twin Falls and Jerome into the future.

As for the commercial side, the city of Twin Falls says new business is on its way.

Just recently, dicks sporting goods has filed for a permit though the city.

It’s anticipated that they will be the anchor store at the new canyon park west shopping complex.

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