How Safe Are The Bridges In The Magic Valley?


By Andrew Reed

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT ) Concerns over bridge safety are apparent across the nation.

This, after a bridge collapsed in Washington State nearly a month ago.

So, how are the bridges here in southern idaho?
"A big word that is thrown out there is structurally deficient, bridges that are considered structurally deficient doesn't mean they're unsafe. It means they might need some maintenance to bring them up to a higher standard or they're being looked out for replacement for the future” said Nathan Jerke, Idaho Transportation Department.

We checked out bridges in the magic valley, this is what we found on

Two bridges in Jerome County and three in Minidoka County are considered structurally deficient.

"Each bridge gets inspected every two years, they have a rotation. We have an engineering company that does inspections for bridges over a 20-foot span” said LeRoy Lews, Jerome Highway District.

"The structures that are built on the state highways are built to a higher standard and can handle bigger loads” said Jerke.

Idaho ranks 33 out of 51 for deficient bridges, statewide- Lincoln County ranks as the worst county for bridge deficiently.

Cassia and Jerome fall in the top five counties for best bridges.

In Twin Falls, the Perrine Bridge is inspected regularly due to its impact on the magic valley.

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