How To Keep Your House Safe From Burglars During The Holidays


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) While the holiday season a time of joy and happiness, your house getting burglarized can ruin your Christmas spirit.

Sgt. Luke Allen is hoping that the Twin Falls Police Department doesn't have to investigate many burglaries this holiday season. But, it often tends to be a time when thieves are more desperate. If you're going away this year, you can still can your home safe.

"Have someone come by and check on your house. Have a porch light on a timer or something, so that a light is on at night, so that it looks like you home. I always suggest an interior light and a radio on so it does give the illusion that you are home," said Sgt. Luke Allen.

It's important to give the impression that your home hasn't been empty for days.

"Have them make sure they pick up the papers or the mails so that there's not newspapers starting to pile up, those obvious signs that you can tell someone is away for a longer period of time," said Darren Gilbertson with the Idaho State Police.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter make it easy to share where you're out with your friends and family. That information can often be seen by criminals.

"I think a lot of times people get excited because they are going to visit family or something so they'll post it on their Facebook or other social network sites that they are out of town, or that they're visiting somewhere. Not knowing that anyone who is a friend of a friend can probably access that,” said Sgt. Luke Allen.

As social networking becomes more prevalent and popular, thieves are using what you post online to make their crimes a little easier.

"If someone's fishing or looking for that information, they can find out that you're not home, take that as an opportunity to go look at your house, see if there is anything they want to do or potentially open yourself up for a break in,” said Sgt. Luke Allen.

A few tips this holiday season that can keep the grinch from ruining your Christmas.

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