How To Start The Sexting Conversation With Your Children


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV - KTWT-TV ) Sexting, have you heard of it? It’s a growing concern among law enforcement and popular with kids who have cell phones. But, as parents how do you talk to your kids about it.

"It's just really concerning because it's a general concern that kids are growing up faster these days, my daughter is 11 and in 6th grade and they all act like they're sixteen” said Tiffany Black, concerned parent.

Tiffany Black a mother of four is worried technology is changing.
So quickly she believes kids are growing up way too fast and being exposed to more than they should be at a young age.

"There was a photo once, she got grounded for it. It wasn't anything huge, my daughter was getting ready to go swimming and they took photos in the mirror with them in bath suits. There are poses that can be viewed as provocative without them even realizing it” said Black.

Law enforcement believes children don't realize how much power they have in their hands, until things turn for the worst.

"Juveniles were sexting and a parent from one side or the other found out what was going on and they wanted to file sexual harassment charges, which is a crime” said Detective Patrick Wilson, Jerome Police Department.

Therapists encourage parent's talk to their children about what they're doing on the cell phone.

"When you talk to your kids about difficult subjects, your kids learn your actually okay talking about it. It has the opposite effect; it doesn't encourage kids to go do things” Kristi Fowler, life coach.

Black believes sexting can have adverse side effects and the consequences can be life-long, something she never wants her kids to go through.

“If we're aware and proactive we can save them so much heartache and ourselves heartache. It's important to trust them but also be proactive about it" said Black.

A mother reaching out to parents, to protect the lives of innocent children.

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