I-STEM Workshop for Teachers In the Magic Valley


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

120 teachers in the Magic Valley are hitting the books, in order to improve learning in the coming school year.

The CSI i–STEM workshop puts the Idaho Core Standards to practice, with hands on learning demonstrations.

Different classroom exercises include forensics, robotics, and gold mining.

Education department chair at CSI John Hughes explains, "we're looking at engaging teachers and engaging students in 21st century readiness so it is a different shift about how we perceive education and how we practice it."

I-STEM strand facilitator Tom Kohler adds, "students learn when they are doing and I think most people can relate to that. What you really remember is when you touched something or smelled something where all your senses are involved."

Instructors explain the shift from traditional learning to implementing the Core Standards is not always easy.

Kohler adds, "common core is going from memorizing algorithms to processing and understanding why you are doing things. It’s tough as a kid to connect."

Hughes adds, "I hope the end product is teachers get to see teaching from a different lens; it is about doing activities so they are engaged and doing hands on projects."
Taking learning to a new level.

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