Idaho Gives Day Observed


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) May 1st is Idaho Gives Day across the state.

This is the second year this nonprofit charitable statewide drive has been in existence.

And so far, it's been a huge success.

The amount of support in just its second year is truly out of this world.

"That's what this is all about... one day where we're not going to the usual suspects, but we’re going to everyone in our great state. We've got 1.6 million people and only 6,000 of those have given so far. So the chance of us making that goal is huge. If everybody sits down and gives just a little," explains Linda Fleming, executive director, Habitat for Humanity.

Last year Idaho Gives raised roughly 600 thousand dollars in the process helping over 500 nonprofit organizations.

This year they set a goal of 750 thousand, and by only 6 o'clock, were on their way to smashing that goal, with over 500 thousand in the bank.

Terry Rowe is with Saint Luke’s Health Foundation, and an event like this means everything to a nonprofit organization like theirs.

"We rely on the donations, as well as all of these other incredible organizations who without these dollars... we can't keep going. More than ever our community needs philanthropy... and we’re hoping that through this, that our youth and people who aren't used to giving will find it in their hearts to go on giving some. Because small amounts from a lot of people adds up really fast," Rowe says.

And Linda Watkins from the Twin Falls Education Foundation feels the same.

"I want everyone to know that every donation matters. And a little bit is just as important as a lot... because a lot of little bits makes a lot. So if you can give 5 dollars... 10 dollars... anything to a nonprofit that touches your heart... then go online and do it," Watkins says.

"That's what makes this valley magical to me... there are amazing people here and even when it hurts they still give... and that's what's so nice about living in Idaho," Fleming adds.

A chance to give back and a chance to help make Idaho a shining gem of an example across the nation.

If you haven't yet donated and would still like to, you have up until midnight to do so.

Just log onto their website at and donate.

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