Hot Issues This Legislative Session


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV) State lawmakers completed week four of the legislative session and still have many more weeks to go.

The first month of the legislative session is over and lawmakers already have a list of bills to go through.

One issue that is buzzing around the gem state; anyone with an Idaho enhanced concealed-carry permit would be able to bring firearms on college campuses.

"I think I'll still support it even though I know college administration isn't for it. I know guns have been on campus before because of hunters. It's the matter of doing it right, if it's done right I'm supporting it,” said Senator Jim Patrick.

Governor Otter is proposing that lawmakers pass a $2 million taxpayer-financed fund, to kill wolves in hopes to reduce the population.

"I do believe there are too many wolves and they are really hard to control and going out to shoot them isn't that simple,” said Patrick.

Idaho Senator Jim Patrick is in the process of forming a bill to bring more ag classes into the classroom.

"Over the years there hasn't been enough money to keep the programs viable. These programs meet most of the requirements of the governor's task force that is recommended. We are asking for some grant money and some funding for the overall program,” said Patrick.

Just a few issues being discussed and more will be proposed soon.

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