Idaho Senator Predicts Hot Topics Of 2013


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV/KTWT-TV) The senate convenes its first session of the 113th Congress next week in Washington.

Senators from across the nation are to discuss top government issues.

The new Congress was sworn in on Thursday with many new faces on Capitol Hill.

They’ll get straight to work next week with idaho legislatures.

Republican Senator James Risch said, many issues are on the table and it's going to be a bitter struggle, but congress is up to it.

"We have a number of things that will expire in the next 60-days not the least at which is the debt ceiling and the continuing resolution. All of those things are coming to play in the next 60-days and this fight is going to be about spending not about taxation” said Senator James Risch (R-IDAHO)

With a fiscal cliff deal passed, another fight between the democrats and republicans is expected to begin.

"The bill that just passed is focused on taxes- the tax fight is now over, and now we’re going to pivot on spending” said Senator Risch.

The big battle many Americans are curious about is gun control.

"I think it could be a battle but we have the constitution on our side, the founding fathers wisely gave us the right to keep and to bare arms. So whatever they try to do it, these efforts have been unsuccessful in the pass and most often struck down” said Risch.

During the first weeks of congress many new bills are planned to be introduced.

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