Impact Of Heavy Rain On The Farm


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) With the storm coming to an end and the clean up well underway residents are working together to get life back to normal.

For the farmers here in the Twin Falls area, the rain was more of a welcomed surprise then a nuisance.

August is typically one of the hotter months during the year.

And it's a time when local farmers have to fight for what water they do get.

That’s why a summer storm with over 3 inches of rain is something the farmers here in Southern Idaho are celebrating.

Wyatt Detweiller is a local farmer in Twin Falls.

He says when he woke up in the morning to tend to his fields, the amount of rain sent him on an unusual path.

Typically the first thing to do is to set the pipes and start watering.

But yesterday there was really no need.

It's something he, and other local farmers have never seen before.

"We've never seen any flooding like this ever. And I know some of the other farmers here are just in awe of how much water this desert area has gotten. It was almost like Christmas for me... shut the water off and you just, it was just such a surprise and any rains we do get were grateful for it." Said Local Farmer, Wyatt Detweiller.

Detweiller says he spoke with many other local farmers, and they all had the same story to tell.

And for the framers in the Hollister area, the rain was more than a welcomed occurrence.

Due to the fact that their water was shut off for the year last month.

And this rain might mean more money in their pockets.

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