Isolated Flooding Zones in Downtown Ketchum


By DeSiree Fawn

Ketchum, Idaho - (KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) - Yesterday’s sudden hail storm left several businesses dealing with some serious drainage problems.

Ketchum Mayor Nina Jonas says the issue seems to be that Ketchum is on a dry well system. Areas that typically see more water are on a storm drain system. Sometimes, these fluke rain and hail storms are just too much for the dry well system to handle. Jonas says they are looking into the more problematic zones to see how to address these areas.

Workers from local businesses were piling up sandbags to prevent today’s rain from doing further damage.

“Behind me, what happened, was there’s about four feet of water in the basement. And we’re here getting everything cleaned up, and taking care of this guy’s garage,” said John Eldridge, Twin Falls resident.

As workers continued to clean up water around town, dark, heavy, clouds surrounded Ketchum and Sun Valley.

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