Janitor Shares Art Skills With Teachers, Students


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Some people who grow up to be famous artists start drawing on their bedroom walls when they're kids. A local janitor makes it a point to share his talents with the kids and teachers at the school where he works.

Zack Settle is just an ordinary guy who worked on the Twin Falls School District's maintenance crew this past summer. This fall he started working as a janitor at Perrine Elementary School. And he started leaving behind hints about his drawing skills.

Settle says, "When I came to work here, at night I would get my work done five, ten minutes before I could go home. So I'd lock up everything and I would notice that they were talking about a certain animal that I knew how to draw."

Settle says so he drew that animal on the white board in that classroom. Soon, word got out about this young janitor's extra-curricular skills. And other teachers started requesting drawings on the white boards in their classrooms.

Settle says, "Sometimes it gets to the point where I have a lot of requests, and then I don't have enough time at the end, so I have to disappoint them, or go in and do a quick little drawing.

Settle says he usually draws on Monday nights, so the drawings stay up all week. He manages to draw pictures in about three of the different rooms that he cleans. Settle says he's gained quite a following, but sometimes his audience gets a little too enthusiastic when they see him.

Settle says, "Right when you go up the staircase, there's a door open, a full classroom. And one of the kids will say, that's the guy that draws on the white boards. It'll interrupt the whole class, and it's kind of bad. But it feels good to know that they know I'm doing it, and they like it. It's fun."

Settle says occasionally he'll run out of extra time to draw after he cleans the school rooms. So sometimes he comes in on Saturdays to do some quick sketches to make up for that.

Nov. 12, 2012.

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