Jerome 20/20 'Halfway Ready' For Outside Recruiting


By Jay Michaels

Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) It's a major victory when local cities manage to bring new businesses and jobs to their towns. But realistically, that doesn't happen very often.

Jerome 20/20 is the City and County of Jerome joining forces to market their whole area as a region. That should improve their chances of recruiting new businesses to this community.

Bob Richards, Executive Director of Jerome 20/20, says, "It's a partnership with the city and the county and the local business community to make a more regional group as far as soliciting business to come to our area."

Richards points out that 80 percent of economic growth comes from existing companies. That's why Jerome 20/20's "ready team" is making sure businesses that are already up and running can stay that way, and grow as well.

Richards says, "We, the city, ourselves, and the county will go out and visit with the local businesses, to see what their needs are, their problems are, see what we can do to assist them."

Richards explains Jerome City and County have to take care of some infrastructure needs before they can begin recruiting new businesses. Their two biggest needs are the city's wastewater system and the county's aging jail facility. He says taking care of those two things will set this area on the launch pad.

Richards says, "That doesn't seem to be economic development, but believe me, it is. Once we have those issues resolved, we're ready to go as those leads come in."

The Jerome wastewater treatment plant and jail bonds will both be on the ballot for voters Tuesday, May 21st.

Apr. 5, 2013.

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