Keeping School Zones Safe


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Now that students are back in school, police are looking to crack down on speeding drivers in school zones. Twin Falls has started implementing flashing yellow lights to help draw attention to the school zone speed limits.

"Probably the most important thing as far as cars and children both in school zones is speed," said Twin Falls Police Officer Bradley Baisch.

But drivers aren't the only ones who need to practice safety in the school zones. It also takes students and parents to help ensure everyone stays safe.

"Drivers really can't go very fast after school through that area, even going fifteen miles per hour, if somebody steps out in front of you, you're going to hit them and unfortunately they are going to be the ones who get hurt and I've just watched a lot of kids just not paying much attention to what's going on and putting themselves and a lot of people at risk," said Barbara Mangini, a concerned parent.

Students should always remember important tips when walking to or from school.

"Look both ways is a big thing before you cross the street and use the marked cross walks," said Twin Falls Police Officer Bradley Baisch.

But Baisch told us parents can help too.

"Another good point is if you are dropping your children off at school, park on the same side as the school so your children don't have to cross the street to go to school," said Baisch.

It takes everyone working together to keep our kids safe this school year.

"If we have people that are walking being careful and cautious of the vehicles and of course people driving being responsible with their driving speeds and paying attention to all of the kids outside," said Mangini.

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