Kids In The Kitchen; What's Safe, What's Not


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) The holiday season might be a few weeks away, but it's always a good time to teach children the rules of the kitchen.

Ryker Waters is preparing one of his favorites for dinner, Ryker's Mac and Cheese.

Jan Waters, Ryker's mother says, "it's kind of a copycat from the outback, this is my's a pretty simple recipe from"

Ryker and Chloe are eight and four, respectively. Both of them began helping mom in the kitchen at a young age.

"We started with cookies for Santa, doing little things in the kitchen and ultimately became one of those things where I don't want them to be afraid in the kitchen," adds Waters.

Waters has some simple rules.

"The gas stove is off limits except for when a parent is home and using a knife. Chloe cannot use a sharp butter knife is safe because she is four ...Ryker can use a knife when we're home and we've taught him how to dice and slice and stuff like that."

Page Geske of Safe Kids Magic Valley recommends keeping a three foot kid free zone around the stove.

Geske adds, "because obviously they could get burned or something and spatter or they could touch the oven or open the oven and that sort of thing."

A taste of cooking now...

"When they get older, they'll be able to come home after school and make a meal or snack," says Waters. good practice for the future.

While Page Geske recommends a 3 foot rule, she says a child's maturity level and personality can determine if they can help at the stove.

But says when you're cooking, never wear loose fitting clothing that can catch fire if you stand too close to the burner and never use a wet oven mitt and keep all appliance cords coiled and away from counter edges.

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