Lawmakers Express Concern Over Proposed Election Rule Change


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Idaho republicans wanting to run for office may have to get an endorsement approval from GOP leaders.

Region 4 GOP Chairman Rod Beck put the Idaho rule change proposal together.

Local lawmakers aren't happy about the proposal and expressing opinion.

"I think the endorsement comes from the people they represent. There are 46, 000 people now that I have the opportunity and two of us and a senator to represent and I think that's the endorsement,” said Rep. Maxine Bell, (R) Idaho.

A number of twin falls politicians have drafted a letter opposing the proposal; 24 people signed the rough draft.

The letter is address to the Idaho Republican Central Committee.

It states, we are writing to alert you to a proposed change.

Which we believe will be very harmful to the republican party in Idaho.

"If there is no democrat on the ballet or if you have an unopposed election this kind of idea would mean a group as few as 15, 20, or even fewer in some small counties would be just picking who the elected officials were” said Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs, Twin Falls County.

The letter continues to say, all registered republicans should have a voice in selecting candidates.

"My thoughts are, I could not and would not support any rule change that would do anything to eliminate the voters from choosing who they want to represent them” said Rep. Clark Kauffman, (R) Idaho.

The letter is expected to be sent out sometime this week.
The plan is expected to be voted on at the state party meeting this Saturday.

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