Learning to Walk Again

Twin Falls


By Michelle Costa

You may never know it by looking at him, but four years ago JJ Burk of Bliss was scared he’d never be able to walk again.
But, remarkably he did, and not only did he walk, he burned up the pavement. Burk went to the College of Idaho on a track scholarship.
Looking at his x–rays now he remembers that horrific night back in 2006.
J.J. Burk, patient says "I was like .. that's what and what are those rods doing in there. It was a crazy night. I was working as a BLM firefighter."
"I was on a fire out by Raft River. We were behind the truck and the driver backed up onto me and broke two vertebrae."
Dr. David Christensen, says "it's neat to see someone take an interest in what happened to him and want to help make others better."
Burk is currently applying to medical school, and shadows Dr. Christensen as often as possible.
Watching Burk tackle a possibility of never being able to walk again his mentor and friend explains his future is bright.
Dr. Christensen says "if you can find a person who can do that in their individual life, I feel confident he can do it in the medical field or anything else."

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