Fewer Twin Falls Residents Are Recycling


By Stephanie Mead

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) What have you been throwing away?

Milk cartons? Water bottles? Pop cans? Card board?

These items don't belong in the trash, but over the past year, residents in Twin Falls have been throwing them away without a second thought.

“We can recycle newspapers, any office paper, shredding from your personal papers... we ask you put those in a bag, so that's it's not confetti on the streets... tin cans, aluminum cans, all the cans that you use to make stuff in your kitchen, tide bottles, all your plastic bottles, coke can bottles,” explains Kevin Malone, District Manager of PSI Environmental.

Since 2012, recycling has decreased by 20 percent.

When recycling was first introduced in the area... 60 percent of residents were participating.

Now only 40 percent are actively recycling.

Residents around the area are not recycling the right items, either.

Pumpkins and glass are just a few of things that people are throwing into the bin.

“Education is a big part of it. It’s part of the problem we have with the value of the recyclables not being very high at this time. There is so much labor involved to sort it,” points out John Eiguren, manager of Magic Valley Recycling.

What can residents do to boost recycling percentages in the Twin Falls community?

In order to spread awareness, PSI Environmental and Magic Valley Recycling are sending out fliers.

Recycling is a habit, and Kevin Malone believes the younger you start, the more recyclers we'll have for the future.

Although it's still a new idea for the area, PSI Environmental and Magic Valley Recycling expect to see nothing but an increase in participants in the upcoming years.

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