Local Businesses Thriving During Winter


By Alexa Tieu

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Ice and snow aren't always the best for some area businesses.

But, some places are seeing an increase in traffic due to the inclement weather.

Business is booming for some places in the Magic Valley, all because of snow.

"I'd say sales are up. I think the latest storms we got, the snow on the ground motivates people. You know they think about skiing and getting out and doing those activities when it's on the ground," says Ryan Kober, owner of Elevation Sports.

John Schrock, president of J & L Sweeping Service Inc. says, "We've done more snow plowing this year. Last year, I think we plowed once because it was so warm."

The Magic Valley is known for many outdoor activities, mainly taking place when it's warm.

Kober says, "Early Fall was awfully warm so getting going in the winter activities like skiing and snowboarding were a little slow to start but once December came, things picked up and snow is here."

"For snow plowing we're doing roughly about 25 parking lots. We don't over book ourselves. That's the main thing we do with snow plowing because if you overbook, you make enemies with customers pretty quick because you're not getting there when they want you," says Schrock.

Winter business also varies for Elevation Sports.

"Some people are just going out for a snowshoe or a hike so you have to have gloves and a hat. It's not just ski activity related but everything crosses when it comes to the clothing," says Kober.

While the snow is a welcome sight for most winter businesses, the ice is another story.

Schrock says, "It's hard to keep the business doing a lot of things when there's a lot of ice around. With our snow plowing we also do de-icing."

Since weather changes so frequently, it's always good to be prepared.

Schrock continues, "We're on 24/7 for the snow plowing. And employees are on 24/7 for that. You just don't know when it's gonna snow."

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