Local Health Nonprofits Get Grants From St. Luke's


By Jay Michaels

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Twice a year the St. Luke's board hands out grants to local health related organizations. The money comes from the Community Health Improvement Fund, which began when the hospital was still owned by Twin Falls County.

In the six years since the merger between St. Luke's and Magic Valley Regional Medical Center happened, the Community Health Improvement Fund has handed out $1.3 million to local non profit organizations. Almost $250,000 was given out today.

Rene LeBlanc of the South Central Public Health District says, "What we do is we coordinate the classes, we schedule them all around our district in our various offices, both in English and Spanish. We purchase the car seats and store them. Then when the class is taught we bring the out and issue them."

Leblanc says they use their Womens, Infants and Childrens classes to hand out car seats through safe kits, and distribute A1c kits for blood tests at Diabetes Head to Toe clinics. Other non-profit organizations included Jubilee House, Hospice Visions, and the Mustard Tree Wellness Clinic.

Denise Bradbury with Magic Valley Rehabilitation Services says, "M.V.R.S. provides supportive services for people with disabilities, employment supports, developmental therapy, an adult activity program we have now. It's just different supports for people with all different disabilities."

A St. Luke's board spokesman says the hospital likes to find local organizations with the same goals as St. Luke's.

Gary Babbel with the St. Luke's Board says, "One of the things that's exciting for me is to see how many wonderful organizations there are in our community, whose goal is also similar to that of St. Luke's, which is to improve the health of the people in our community."

Nov. 30, 2012.

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