Man Gets Identity Stolen From Local Restaurant


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) We’ve all heard of it, identity theft.

For consumers, your only real protection is to watch your credit card statements and look for suspicious activity.

If you are a victim most of the time your bank will inform you of a problem.

That’s exactly what happened to a twin falls man who recently became a victim of debit card identity theft.

Most people swipe their credit or debit card everyday not realizing you can get your money stolen within in minutes.

Adam Enriquez went to a local fast food restaurant in Twin Falls for lunch, he swiped his debit card and went on with is day.

Within hours, someone was using his card information in another state making purchases.

"Even though I had my physical card on me, they somehow had a reader or scanner and they were able to pull my card number from the debit card machine. They then made a duplicate card and went on a little shopping spree in Colorado” said Adam Enriquez, identity theft victim.

The bad guys want your numbers printed on plastic.

Once they get them they're making it hard for law enforcement to catch up.
"If you go to another city or state and have a meal at a restaurant and hand your credit card to a waitress and if you don't see it for five minutes there are a number of things that can happen. Sometimes the card is skimmed and then the numbers are used to create brand new credit cards and then the bad guys go out to max the card out within hours,” said Detective Sergeant David Heidemann.

Officers say it's a growing trend that isn't getting better.

Two reports of identity theft have been reported in twin falls this year.

Last year police say they had less than twelve.

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