Local Man Invents Extreme Sport


By Aimee Burnett

A Twin Falls man is taking an already dangerous sport to a whole new level, by strapping into a kayak before jumping out of an airplane.

“My name is Miles Daisher and I’m with the Red Bull Air Force. I’ve been skydiving and BASE jumping since 1995.”

For famous BASE jumper Miles Daisher, skyaking is just one more way for him to live life to its fullest.

“This is a good life experience right here, getting in a boat, open up a parachute and swooping on down into the river or lake,” said Daisher.

Daisher says it was a good friend that actually thought up the idea of skyaking.

First I did it off a bridge then we started doing it out of airplanes,” said Daisher.

Through trial and error, and a few scary moments, the two learned what works and what doesn’t work.

“If you have a concave surface on the top such as the front of this boat it has a tendency to get hung up in the air. The bottom section here is convex, which allows me to kind of front flip out of a upside down trapped position if you will,” Daisher explains.

People come from around the world to take the 486 foot plunge off Perrine Bridge, but for Miles Daisher the 25 second thrill is in his own backyard.

“That was always my goal, to live in Twin Falls, Idaho. Heaven for BASE jumpers,” said Daisher.

Daishers only warning to those pushing the envelope, “When you’re doing something as dangerous as this you want to have an emergency plan, back up plan. Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C.”

Daisher hopes skyaking will become an Olympic sport, but it may be awhile since he’s the only one doing it.

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