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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

Before most kids his age were learning to read and add numbers, Trey Manker was sitting behind the wheel of a race car.

And now at 12 years old the young racer is turning heads in the Magic Valley.

He's just in Middle School, but you would never know it by watching Trey Manker, or "Treydawg" race.

Manker's reached the podium in 90 percent of his races and is the recipient of three separate Rookie of the Year awards.

But the young racer isn't stopping there.

Trey notes, "It's just a lot of fun and I really like to do it."

Manker's father Bill is a big influence on Treydawg's success.
From building cars together to studying engines, the sport is a family affair.

Bill Manker notes, "I was racing and Trey used to come out and watch me race he saw all of the good things... his passion grew from there."
Says Trey, "They always just support me in whatever I do and they help a lot."

In the first race of the season at Magic Valley Speedway, Trey's number four Junior Charger reached a top speed of 78 miles per hour.

The sport is not for the faint of heart, whether you're a participant or a parent.

Says Bill, "From being afraid for him to being proud of him to hoping he does really well, it's everything rolled into one... When he goes out on the track there is nothing we can do for him, it's all him."
Trey acknowledges the occasional nerves.

He notes most of his classmates don't understand what the honor student does on the weekends.

Says Trey, "They're just like, you just go in circles what's the fun in that but they have no idea what it's really like."

But for one father-son duo, there is plenty of more fun to be had.

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