Local Teachers Voted to BASE Jump


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV )

This week high school students were put in charge of deciding the fate of two of their teachers, who were voted to take a leap of faith off the Perrine Bridge!

For teachers like Brett Fonnesbeck, it was time to get schooled in the art of base jumping.

Says Fonnesbeck, "We got great students at our high school so I'm kind of willing to jump off a bridge for them I guess."
Sean Chuma of Tandem BASE donated two BASE jumps to local Twin Falls and Canyon Ridge high schools.

The rest was up to the students, who got to vote for the teacher of their choice to make the leap by donating money to the student council.

Junior at Twin Falls HS Riley Surber exclaims, "I told him I was going to make him jump. He didn't believe me so I put a 20 in his packet."

Junior at Twin Falls HS Chanicccia Lohnes explains, "I think it's really exciting and not many kids get to see their teachers jump off a bridge, it's just fun.

Brett Fonnesbeck has been in the area for 5 years. He has seen many BASE jumpers fall from the Perrine Bridge, but never imagined he would be one of them.

Fonnesbeck adds, "I've never really skydived or anything like this, so this is certainly a stretch for me. Getting pretty nervous kind of going through the day and getting all these what-ifs and you are nervous and I think that builds up."

Students lined the bridge to make sure their teacher followed thru with his promise.

And, they assured us being the teacher voted was nothing more than a sign of respect.

Says Surbur, "He's a pretty reliable guy and pretty nice and funny so I thought it would be funny to make him jump over everyone else."
The teacher's turn, to learn something new.

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