Local Voters React to Presidential Debates


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Local voters had differing opinions following the first presidential debate.

"Romney is my choice and Obama was not a very good debater," said Juanita Dixon.

"Um for being the president he should have been a little more prepared," said Taylor Deboard.

"I started watching it and with everybody bashing each other, I just found that it was repulsive,” said Diane Todd.

After the first Presidential Debate, the latest Gallup poll shows Americans favoring Governor Romney, showing him closing in on the President.
The poll shows both President Obama and Governor Romney at 47%.
With the next several debates being crucial to both campaigns, voters are hoping that some of their questions might be answered.

"How are they going to benefit the people who are hurting so bad on medicare, because our pills are costing extremely large amounts now and when you are on a fixed income, how do you survive when you're doing that," said Juanita Dixon.

But do the debates really influence voter’s decision?

"No they haven't really changed my voting decision," said Gunner Thompson.

"I watched part of them. I pretty well had my mind made up before the debate," said Juanita Dixon.

The vice presidential debate is this Thursday.

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