Local Women Turn 101 On The Same Day


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Turning 101 is a big deal for anyone... But two people in one day?

That's what happened Wednesday at one senior assisted living facility in Twin Falls.

Edith Keppner and Alice Hopkins both turned 101 this Wednesday.

And, for a birthday of such significance, what else was there to do but blow out the candles?

April 9th, 1913...

That's the day both Alice Hopkins and Edith Keppner were born.

And now, 101 years later, the two friends are celebrating their birthdays together.

"We have the same birthday! I mean the same time... EVERYTHING! It's a coincidence," Alice says.

I asked Alice, who is the voice of the duo, how does turning 101 make her feel?

"Ohh... I don't know how I made it! It's an accumulation of things that happened," she explains.

Sarah Luvisi is the life enrichment coach at Heritage Assisted Living.

I asked her what daily life is like for these young ladies.

"Like Alice was saying, she loves the puzzles. Every morning she comes out... we have news and coffee and we make a copy of the puzzle in the paper... and comes out faithfully to get that copy of the puzzle," Sarah explains.

"Edith loves to just roam around. We have a bunny outside that she loves... and she gets to hold it. They're both just really cute, and they're hilarious when you get to sit down and talk to them," she adds.

After being alive for 101 years, the wealth of information was too hard to not to try to tap into.

So I asked Alice, what is one piece of advice she had for me in the future?

"You can't just sit at home... in your room and watch television... you have to get out and participate in the activities. Like I say... you can't just sit in your chair," she answered.

Solid advice from a woman who knows what she is talking about.

So a big happy birthday to Alice and Edith from all of us here at Idaho’s First News.

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