Locals Paying It Forward On Facebook


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The idea of paying it forward was made big back in 2000 with the Hollywood blockbuster properly titled "Pay It Forward"

But one local woman has taken that concept to a whole other level and is using social media to do so.

The new page on Facebook allows locals to share stories of inspiration and charity that might otherwise go unnoticed.

And for the creator of the page, she just knew that this would be something that locals and non–locals alike would respond to in a positive way.

"You know people do these kinds of things all the time and it would be fun to see and hear what people do and kind of what the reactions are."

Ruth Pierce is the creator of a new Facebook page called Magic Valley Pay It Forward Thursday.

Lately Pierce began to notice how much negative news there was in the world.

And growing up in Idaho, she knows that there are everyday things that happen.... Going unnoticed... That really highlights the good side of life.

"I started Monday, invited a few friends... and I think were up to like 400 plus. Yesterday was our first Thursday and really interesting stories... some big ones, some little ones. You know, pay for someone's coffee for the guy behind you, bought somebody's prescriptions, gave somebody rent money."
Said Ruth Pierce, Creator of Magic Valley Pay It Forward.

Nan Jackson is one of those over 400 supporters.

She feels the page is just the beginning of a growing mindset that could encourage more and more people to take on a good deed.

If they're recognized for it or not.

"I don't know if it's about the page... it's about the idea behind it. People around here do try to do good deeds. It's not necessarily posting it on the page because that's kind of contrary to the concept anyway. But if you do something when you see a need and you don't have to share it then that person thinks... you know, somebody helped me once, maybe I can help someone else."
Said Subscriber, Nan Jackson.

And were not talking about a major financial donation.

Even the little things can be shared and noticed.

"There are a lot of really good ideas and they don't have to be big and they honestly don't have to cost money... just a gesture."
Said Pierce.

Pierce originally intended for people to share their stories on Thursdays... But says it's not only limited to that one day.

"I really want to see it move forward to people posting all week. It doesn't have to be Thursday. And I think if somebody did something random for you it would be posted too."
Saud Pierce.

Spreading the word of good deeds and inspiring others to pay it forward.

If you would like to join the ever growing Magic Valley Pay It Forward Thursday page.

Log onto your Facebook account, type in Magic Valley Pay It Forward and ask to join.

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