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Locals React To Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Shootings


By Brittany Cooper

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Saturday marks the one year anniversary of the deadly Sandy Hook shootings. 20 first graders and six adults were killed that day.

Unfortunately, Sandy Hook isn't the first school shooting and sadly probably won't be the last. The Twin Falls School District is trying to be proactive...with adding more enforcement and improving security.

"9–11 what's your location and emergency?
- Sandy hook school, I think there's somebody shooting in here in Sandy Hook School.
- What makes you think that?
- I think I caught a glimpse of somebody. They're running down the hallway. Oh, they're still running and still shooting."

Absolutely chilling 9–11 tapes reveal the tragedy and chaos surrounding the deadly Sandy Kook shootings.

One year later, Twin Falls Police and school officials reflect back on where they were the morning of December 14, 2012.

Staff Sgt. Dennis Pullin, Twin Falls Police Department says, "we were working, we were aware of what was taking place. So we immediately notified our School Resource Officers and patrol division what just happened and the officers were more diligent that normal around schools to make sure everyone was safe."

"I was here at the district office and we had one of our directors drew my attention that came over his computer and so we watched it for a little bit on his computer," adds Twin Falls School Superintendent Wiley Dobbs.

Since the shooting, the police department recently added another School Resource Officer, bringing the total to five.

Pullin adds, "these officers are all assigned to specific schools, having the fifth one kind of alleviates the workload the others had so we're able to spend more time at more of the schools so that's been a positive thing for us."

Dobbs says, "during the planning stages that we had with our long range facilities planning committee, one of the things that came out of that is the recommendation that we put about $100,000 roughly into safety and security at each school."

The bond levy features $1.3 million in upgrades for safety and security at all 13 schools within the district, but any school shooting brings to light the vulnerability of our schools.

"We're not reactionary to that, we certainly look at those situations, we debrief with our own safety committee to see what we may learn from those kind of incidents, we do better to make it safer than they already are," adds Dobbs.

School safety , an ever–changing issue that is always on the forefront.

Since the shooting last year, there's a major emphasis being placed on lockdowns. Pullin says it's not surprising to see at least one lockdown drill a week throughout the year.

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