Lost N Lava Cowboys Hold Trail Ride


By Jay Michaels

Shoshone, Idaho (KMVT-TV) About three dozen cowboys and cowgirls of all ages saddled up this morning, and headed into the lava fields northwest of Shoshone. We followed them out past the edge of town to where the paved roads ended and the gravel began.

This is the second annual trail ride for the "Lost N Lava" Cowboy Association. These buckaroos will spend three days and two nights together in the rugged lava fields near Shoshone. The trail ride features a visit to Mammoth Cave, singing songs around the campfire, and seeing who can tell the biggest fib when it comes to telling stories.

Lundy Flick, President of the Lost N Lava Cowboy Association, says, "Usually in the fall when the calves are shipped, then the cowboys have a few days off before they start any winter jobs or go south. So they get together and have a party and tell each other the stories of their year."

Flick says the group is headed to Doug Albright's ranch about eleven miles north of Shoshone. Flick says they'll have a big party at their main camp tomorrow night, and then head back to town on Friday.

Trail rider C.J. Fitzgerald says, "The stories that the cowboys tell, the ride, seeing all the new horses, the basics."

Flick says those stories are about who got bucked off, how many horses they lost and got bucked off of, how many cattle they fed and where they grazed, where the bear came into the camp, and all those good things.

Flick says, "This camaraderie, a lot of guitar music and signing and poetry and storytelling, even if it's lies, it's still good stuff."

Flick says the trail riders will be joined along the way by cowboys and cowgirls who either aren't able to ride any more, or who just want to join the distinctly Western party.

Sept. 12, 2012.

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