Marijuana Concern In Idaho


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV) Now that marijuana is legal in neighboring Washington state, Idaho law enforcement is very concerned Idahoans will be transporting the drug across Stateline.

18-states across the U.S. have passed medical marijuana laws; recently Washington state voters were the first to legalize pot for recreational use.

"Marijuana has changed within the last 30-years the T.H.C. content use to be very low, but with good farmers and better breeding, marijuana is almost ten times worst” said Sgt. Dan Thom, Twin Falls County Sheriff.

Sergeant Dan Thom has many concerns for Idaho residents.

Thom said, "what we're getting is people that have smoked marijuana their at an impaired state, the same as someone who has drank seven to ten beers so their driving abilities are really pour."

Law enforcement expects to see an increase of DUI's from the western part of the state.

Thom said, "I think we are going to continue to focus on under the influence drivers of marijuana were obviously going to be questioning people more."

People have different viewpoints on marijuana legalization.

"I definitely can see how people are concerned about it, I know Idaho is a very conservative state and Washington isn't. I see the concern people have, I personally don't think it's the biggest cause for concern but I do see the issue people can have with it” Ryan Gutierrez, in favor of legalization.

"In the state of Idaho I don't think marijuana should be legalized” said Beverly Johnston, against legalization.

An issue officers see as a challenge and locals can't seem to agree upon.

If you're caught with less than three ounces of marijuana you could face a misdemeanor charge and up to one-year of jail time.

Anything over three ounces could land you a felony charge.

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