Mayor's Resignation Draws A Big Turnout


By Brittany Cooper

Wendell, Idaho (KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV) The mayor of Wendell stepped down from his position Thursday night, but he's onto new endeavors, becoming Wendell's first city administrator in six years.

Wendell has a population of 2,877 people, according to the 2010 census. Sure, not every one of those residents showed up to Thursday's city council meeting, but it was a packed house, all to see an emotional and grateful mayor resign from the post.

Brad Christopherson, Wendell City Administrator says, "in 2009 I was thoroughly disgusted with this town...I discussed with my wife and we were both tired of it and that was not how we did business and I told her we'd probably leave this town and she said 'no, you can find some other way to fix it."

The city had $3,500 in combined cash, now it's more than two million.

"Mayor Christopherson has always done a lot of work and put a lot of hours in and with the City of Wendell, the mayor's wage is $600 a month and we felt like we needed him, he's done such a great job and he's worked a lot of, put us through the sewer system, worked on grants, done a lot of things for the city and he wanted to put him in as our city administrator," adds Mayor Kent Bates.

Kent Bates now becomes the Mayor after his role as City Council President and after losing in the 2011 election, Herb Allred joins the city council, filling the vacant seat.

Allred says, "I understood that the mayor was going to resign and I didn't really plan on being asked but I'm glad the city has asked or the city council has asked me and I hope I can do the best I can do."

On another note, Donald Dunn now becomes City Council President, taking over for Bates.

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