More Baby Boomers Hitting The Gym


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) More baby boomers are hitting the gym.

Health experts say, people are realizing the importance of exercise.

Becky creek is a baby boomer and retired, she’s been hitting the gym four to five times a week for more than six years.

"Just to get up and get going, it helps me do that rather than lay in bed. I do the weight classes and zumba classes, there real easy to follow with high energy” said Becky Creek, baby boomer.

Local YMCA instructors believe baby boomers are being pro-active when it comes to their health.

"I think a lot of the baby boomers are retiring and having more time and feeling like they need to get into better shape, so they come to classes and working out at the gym” Kay Parker, YMCA

Health experts say, if you're over the age of fifty you should be exercising three to five times a week.

"I have actually seen people who have increased in physicality. People have come in with aches and pains and after they've been exercising for awhile, they're healthier and stronger” said Parker.

After every gym session, creek is ready for the day with more energy than ever before.

"It's fun and you get to know each other and you become friends with everybody” said Creek.

"Just get out and get moving there are so many things you can do, here in Idaho we have beautiful trails you can walk on. Just get moving, whatever they do its better than just sitting and getting older” said Parker.

A group of men and women with a goal of living a longer life.

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