More rights for Gay Marriage


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-KTWT)

17 states have legalized same–sex marriage...33 have banned it...with Idaho being one of the latter.

The department of justice is following a ruling by the Supreme Court that allows same sex marriage's rights to federal legal matters.

This includes bankruptcies, prison visits and survivor benefits.
The government will recognize same sex marriages as equal to traditional marriages.

Some residents are supporting the decision made by Washington,
Cat Lee Emery thinks that " We can have true love it's not gods choice its ours."

MacDonald Veronica thinks that "who are we to judge! i have a gay child, and this child will always be my child! We are not god!"

Others have a different opinion about the matter...

I'm defiantly against it because I'm for the bible declared which is as I said that marriage is between a man and a women, however I'm not against the people who are gay, I'm just against ruining the institution that was founded by God.

I don't think its right either way, if god created men and women then I think that's how it should be, it shouldn't be like a man and a man or a women or a women.

The changes will officially be made through a policy memorandum to be issued Monday.

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