Mother Nature Taxes Area Road Crews With Snow And Cold Temperatures


By Brandon Redmond

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV/KTWT-TV) Plow drivers were out in full force early Tuesday morning, ensuring that road conditions were as safe as possible.

"We have a priority sanding route. We start with the major roads where most of the traffic is at, where the signal lights are. Once we get those in pretty good shape, then we kind of move into the residential areas," said Street Department Superintendent Dean Littler.

Colder than normal temperatures the past several weeks have created new challenges for plow crews.

"It's more the cold temperatures that have really affected us. The more standard deicing type materials, regular salt, liquid deicer don't really work all that well below 20 degrees and when you have a month of below 20 degree temperatures, the ice and snow don't just go away," said Dean Littler.

Mother Nature helped road crews Tuesday with a dose of sunshine and warmer temperatures.

If you have been frustrated with road conditions, the city of Twin Falls does have a plan in place but they're responsible for hundreds of miles of roads. But contrary to some rumors out there, they do have plenty of snow equipment.

"Well I've been here for twenty–five years and we've never sold a piece of snow equipment that I can remember and I've got a guy in the department that's been here for thirty–five years and he can't ever recall selling a piece of equipment," said Dean Littler.

The Twin Falls Street Department has actually added five snow plows to their fleet.

"We've actually bought quite a bit of new equipment, the snow plows that we had when I first started here we've still got," said Dean Littler.

Road crews working long hours to get as many roads cleared as possible for residents.

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