New Computers For The Valley House


By Stephanie Mead

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) The Valley House received two new computers from the Twin Falls School District Thursday morning.

The new computers will provide opportunities for success to students who can't access computers when they leave school.

Technology is now a basic necessity.

Students use them every day in the classroom and after school for homework.

"I think computers are a really important part of a learning environment now. I mean, it used to be a luxury, but not any longer, and this will keep them engaged. It will teach them, I think, more responsibility to stay engaged with school when they are in transition so they can stay connected," explains Joann Gemar, At-Risk Coordinator, Twin Falls School District.

Valley House has received computers in prior years.

These computers were funded through the federal government.

The new computers will help students complete homework and projects.

"This is going to give our children the opportunity when they come home from school, that they will have their own little area that they can do their homework," says Sharon Breshears, Valley House.

There are currently 33 students who attend Twin Falls schools who reside at the Valley House.

Breshears is excited to see how the kids will react to the new addition to the house.

"Oh I know they are going to be so excited when they see what we have available for them," she says.

The two year thirty eight thousand dollar grant was not only used to buy computers but also other school supplies for the kids.

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