New ISP Recruit To Be Stationed In The Magic Valley


By Brandon Redmond

Meridian, Idaho (KMVT-TV) "I didn't want a career where I would go and sit at a desk and do the exact same thing every single day," said Scott Wall, one of fifteen new Idaho State Police Recruits.

Scott Wall is one of the new recruits going through the Idaho State Police Academy.

"For one I wanted to do a career that was exciting and challenging and one that I look forward to do is being able to help people out," said Scott Wall.

During their training at the police academy, recruits learn about state laws, how to safely use their weapons, the history of the Idaho State Police and even how to administer first aid.

"In addition to our physical fitness, our hand to hand training, our firearms training, our driving training, just a myriad of tasks that our troopers will learn, is combat life saving. And this is not only utilized for in the event of the trooper themselves are injured, but for ensuring that we protect the public," said Sgt. Joe Lake.

Once recruit Wall passed through the Idaho State Police Academy, he'll be stationed right here in the Magic Valley in the Twin Falls and Jerome District.

"I am looking forward to that actually. I've never been to the area. I've passed by it several times, but I'm looking forward to being stationed in that area and being able to work in that region," said Scott Wall.

Wall is soaking up as much knowledge as he can. "I feel like this is a career that you have a big bag of tools and depending on what situation you are in or what call you get called to, you use those tolls and use the knowledge that you have. So it's not the same thing day in and day out."

The recruits are only two weeks into their training at the academy, but Wall is looking forward to graduating so he can start helping the citizens of the Magic Valley.

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