New Program Aims To Help High School Athletes


By KMVT News

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A new program handed down from the State Board of Education will give high school athletes the chance to increase their credit count and play sports at the same time.

In the Twin Falls School District, all students are required to complete two physical education courses in their 4 years in high school.

This new program will allow student athletes to receive a course credit for participating in extracurricular activates, freeing them up to take more electives and possibly graduate early.

Opportunities for students to succeed, is what the Twin Falls School District is all about.

In the district, students are required to complete 2 courses in a P.E. related class before graduation... and the same for student athletes.

But now, the Idaho State Board of Education is trying a new program that would allow student athletes to receive one P.E. credit to go towards graduation.

"If they're playing or participating in an Idaho High School Activities Association sport... or another sport recognized by the school district, they can use one season of sports participation to get credit for one of their PE credits," explains L.T. Erickson, director of Secondary School.

With student athletics being a mainstay in the high school experience, the change arose from concerned parents.

"Well, I think it came about because some parents had concerns that their kids were involved in doing two or three sports and then had to turn around to some of the districts and had to take P.E... and were like, why?... they could be doing something else; they're already heavy in activities they need," says Ben Allen, Twin Falls High School principal.

By offering this program, it could free up students to take more electives and possibly even graduate early.

"More electives, more dual credits... I think it will help in the "8 in 6" program so that they can work on their associates' degree from CSI while they're at the high school. So it's just going to provide them with more and more opportunities, I think,” Allen points out.

"What it does for the students and the parents is... it gives them more choices. There is a lot of brain research on how exercise really impacts the brain in school. And so we know how important PE is,” Erickson says.

Giving student more opportunities to expand their education... and at the same time, the conditioning to live a healthy life.

The IHSAA recognizes most high school level sports, besides baseball, so it will be up to the district to determine which sports, clubs and activities will be eligible for the credit program.

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