New Technology At Cassia Regional Medical Center


By Joey Martin

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) Major changes are happening at the Cassia Regional Medical Center.

The hospital remodeled the emergency room and imaging department.

There is also new technology being used.

"In the past, we've had an MRI Scanner in a truck parked outside in the back of the hospital."
Said Rob Barton, Administrator from Cassia Regional Medical Center.

But, with only a mobile MRI scanner, hospital officials needed a permanent facility.

"Over the years out MRI volumes have grown... we are seeing more patients then we had before. And the challenges of the MRI scanner in the truck became more evident and volumes grow then it's justified to spend the dollars to go ahead and put a scanner inside the building."
Said Barton.

"In my mind there are two main differences... first is obviously the magnet is much bigger. We accommodate patients who are claustrophobic and appreciate the extra space and two for patients that are bigger."
Said Jared Evans, MRI Technologist.

For larger individuals, the new magnet can accommodate patient's weight up to 500 pounds.

The new technology is also better due to the software.

"We have the ability to do exams that a lot of facilities aren't able to do. Exams that correct for patient motion, exams that give us contrast in arteries and vessels without actually using contrast and lots of other tricks. It's very nice."
Said Evans.

The hospital staff is committed to patient care, despite the costs.

"They’ve shown that by putting forth the money and getting the equipment that can do what we need it to do."
Said Evans.
Moving forward by moving to new technology.

The new MRI scanner became operational about two weeks ago.

On average, the machine is utilized for about 8 patients a day.

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