New Textbooks, Teaching Materials Needed In Cassia Area


By Jay Michaels

Burley, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The Cassia School District hasn't bought new textbooks or instructional materials in five years. And the wear and tear is beginning to be very obvious.

Second grade teacher Jamie Arteaga says, "So it's a challenge. The kids are wondering what do I do with this book that's torn up, or I'm missing this page. What can I do for that?"

You could take things into your own hands, if you had to. A team of Burley teachers put a book together to teach Common Core standards because the school district couldn't afford to buy new textbooks.

Arteaga says, "To make up the material, to research it ourselves. Whereas if we could just find a workbook to purchase, it would be so much easier, and the kids would have scientifically researched material, versus what we're just saying this might fit."

The current supplemental levy for the Cassia School District will expire at the end of June. That's why the Board of Trustees wants to raise the levy amount by $93,000 a year to more than $774,000 for the next two years. That vote will be held Tuesday, March 11th.

Delia Valdez, Principal at Mountain View Elementary School, says, "As teachers, as educators, as administrators, it's really important that we be the community leaders of what's new and what students need to know."

If it passes, the increased levy would buy Social Studies instructional materials for the next school year, and the year after, it would pay for Math textbooks and materials for fourth through sixth graders.

Arteaga says, "Wouldn't it be nice if we had an area where our school system was strong enough that your kids would want to bring your grandchildren back here, to be raised here and have our education system be as strong as it can possibly be? Because we are the future of the community."

It's a future that needs help to become a reality.

The State of Idaho reduced the amount it gave the Cassia School District by five and a half million dollars in the last four years.

January 7, 2014.

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