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Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV/ KSVT-TV ) $1.4 million…That’s the price tag to build a new Visitor Center along the canyon rim.

With the population continuing to grow throughout Southern Idaho, the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce decided it was time for an upgrade, but it wasn't going to come cheap.

"It's a capital campaign, its donations and contributions. Some of it is coming from funds we have been able to set aside over time at the chamber. We are soliciting contributions from donors. We have a handful of those who have stepped up with contributions so far, and we are continuing to ask folks for money to help fund this into the future," said Shawn Barigar with the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber hopes to have the project completely funded prior to completion, but there is a backup plan if the funds aren't raised in time.

"If we have to borrow the funds to finish the project then we will use those contributions to pay off that debt," Barigar adds.

The chamber is also utilizing sponsorship opportunities and events.
A 5k Fun Run Color Dash is taking place at the end of July to help fund the revitalization of the area.

Kyle Tarbet says,"With the construction of the new visitors center we're also going to revamp the Centennial Plaza which is the area between the parking lot, the visitor center and the overlook, the part that contains those paths. So we're going to be redoing the landscaping, providing better trail access for people."

The old 900 square foot Visitor Center was seeing traffic around 27,000 a year, and was only open March through October.

The new 5,000 square foot facility will be open year round.

"We're anticipating we will see a large increase in the number of visitors who come here, a chance to connect them to the activities in the area, and really to support our local economy," said Barigar.

Providing visitors great information and inspiration to spend time here in the Magic Valley.

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