New Year's Eve DUI Crackdown


By Andrew Reed

Twin Falls, Idaho (KMVT-TV/KTWT-TV) Local law enforcement was patrolling New Year’s Eve in the Magic Valley.

So, how did things go last night?

The night begins for trooper Clausing at 7pm while patrolling highway 93.

He spots a driver exceeding the 65-miles per hour speed limit.

The evening continues when a driver speeds past the trooper with a burnt out tail light.

So far so good, both drivers pulled over have been sober... and no signs of alcohol.

"If you're caught it's a stiff penalty through the courts, also you will be arrested for DUI and you will go to jail and a lot of people lose their jobs because of a DUI so those are the consequence someone will receive” said Trooper Chris Clausing, Idaho State Police.

The trooper cruises down blue lakes blvd. and comes across a driver failing to stop at a stop sign.

"It's very dangerous to drink and drive especially with icy roads since it's really cold now a days. They could hurt themselves or possibly kill someone” said Clausing.

The night ends with the trooper assisting twin falls police on a traffic stop.

Pulling over more than five drivers, all sober and being responsible.

Something law enforcement believes is the right thing to do.

State and local officers say it was a very quiet new year's eve.

Twin Falls Police and Idaho State Police both issued only one dui.

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