No Jump From Historic Evel Knievel Site: But Is A Jump Still Possible?


By Joey Martin

Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) On Monday night, the Twin Falls City council made a significant decision regarding the proposed Snake River Canyon Jump.

In a 4 to 3 decision, the Council voted that no jump will take place from the city owned Evel Knievel jump site for up to one year.

Joey martin for Idaho’s First News was at the meeting and brings us the latest.

City Council members say the decision came from the lack of time to prepare and the lack of a safety plan.

But, the stuntman behind the proposed attempt plans to still jump in September.

"The question always comes up; can we have an event like this? And I think that we can. But I think that we need the time to prepare and to make sure that it's a safe event."
Said Twin Falls Police Chief, Brian Pike.

Last week, the Twin Falls City Council decided that Beckley Media didn't have a proper safety plan in place to move forward.

The group is owned by Big Ed Beckley – the man behind the proposed jump.

On Monday, members of the public, city staff and Police Chief Brian Pike spoke out to the Council again.

"There are some things you need in an event like this... especially with some of the dynamics that the canyon rim represents."
Said Pike.

Some of those dynamics included; traffic on the bridge, parking, emergency vehicle access and even the amount of spectators expected to attend.

According to the city, all things that the Beckley proposal lacked.

In light of this, Councilman Jim Munn put forward a motion that wouldn't allow any type of jump to take place from the city–owned Evel Knievel site for up to one year from now.

"the reason I felt that was appropriate was because after having the discussion tonight with chief Pike whereby we learned that it was going to take 12 to 18 months to really develop a solid public safety plan. Coupled with the fact that were down police officer positions now, and that's going to take time to get rejuvenated. And just not a real clear number on the number of people that were going to be involved in this thing... I just felt comfortable with backing off of this. I think we own that to our community for a matter of public safety before we should proceed."
Said Jim Munn, Twin Falls City Council.

Now, although the city of Twin Falls says no to that particular location... A 40th anniversary jump could still happen.

We spoke with Ed Beckley about this.

He says on September 7th he'll be making that jump over the canyon with the city of Twin Falls' help or not.

"The citizens and my fans all know that this is a mess. Here's what we got to do now, now we got to join forces and put this thing back on the map and do it the right way. I'm not doing it for spite, I'm doing it because this is my dream and this is what I want to do. I know one thing, we're going ahead with what we're going to do and the good thing is that it's going to benefit the businesses in Twin Falls and Jerome County and Jerome and all over the place... and the whole state will benefit from this."
Said Big Ed Beckley.

Beckley says they're currently working on a lease agreement with a private land owner in Twin Falls County.

And is confident a jump from Twin Falls to Jerome County will take place.

According to the city of Twin Falls, Beckley Media has every right to attempt his planned jump from private property if he so chooses.

An idea that Beckley welcomes with open arms.

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